Build your family’s wellness from the moment of its inception


A Healthy Family is a Gift.

Cherished Tea promotes optimal wellness for you and your family. Originally designed to support a healthy pregnancy and improve postpartum recovery, this ready-made, herbal, organic tea offers a high dose of essential vitamins that boost health for every body.

Pregnant women benefit from this unique formula that safely supports maternal health and minimizes common pregnancy complaints. Everyone else benefits from this powerful tonic that maximizes overall wellness. Give yourself the gift of health with Cherished Tea.

Cherished Tea - Single Six Pack
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Cherished Tea Benefits


• increases mineral absorption

• maximizes vital organ health

• prevents bladder infections

• balances intestinal flora

• maintains normal blood pressure

• reduces inflammation and fluid retention

• aids sleep

• improves energy


• relieves nausea

• builds blood supply

• promotes proper contraction of the uterus in preparation for birth

• reduces postpartum bleeding

• encourages and sustains milk supply

• Improves postpartum recovery

Cherished Teas are GOODNESS in a bottle. As someone with fibroids and an iron deficiency, I’ve found that these teas make my cycle more manageable. I’m able to drink them for nausea and energy. I can’t tell you “why” they work— I just know that they do. And they’re delicious!!! #blackwombmagic
— Chiquita L.



Vanya Francis

Vanya is the founder of Cherished Tea and Cherished Life, a boutique, Atlanta-based yoga and wellness company.

She is also a Holistic Birth Doula, Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Instructor specializing in Prenatal Yoga.

Deeply inspired by her students, Vanya’s goal is to empower them to achieve greater self-awareness, harmony and wholeness of being. A culturally aware, life-long learner with a passion for holistic wellness. Vanya is certified at the 200-hr level in both Classical and has received multiple Prenatal Yoga certifications. She studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Spelman College and a Master of Arts in Communication Management from the University of Southern California.

Vanya has been supporting women during pregnancy in preparation for birth for 10 years and recently received her doula certification through The Matrona with Whapio Diane Bartlett. She is currently the Yoga and Meditation Professor at Spelman College and offers Prenatal Yoga classes and workshops throughout Atlanta.

Vanya is a mother to two beautiful, light-filled children, Taraja and Tunde. Her work as a mother informs her light-hearted, compassionate teaching style and prenatal care. Vanya’s gift lies in her ability to create a safe, nurturing space for women to heal, grow and thrive in their daily lives.